Improving call quality through segmented monitoring, better analytics and structured training need identification

Voice contact center are an integral part of the client experience and drive significant business impact (e.g. revenue conversion). Call quality is often suboptimal because of Resources:

Process: insufficient visibility and controlof multi-location centers (in-house, outsourced) because of inadequatetracking/monitoring tools and methodologie.

Strategy: failure to correlate call quality with business outcomes leads to underinvestment and lack of attention.


Genpact’s CQ Optimizer commits to improvement of call quality metrics through our 5-step methodology, specialized practitioners and analytical tools


  • Experienced coaches operating remotely from globally located centers
  • Specialized methodology leveraging SEPSM and Lean Six Sigma
  • Appropriate, relevant technology (analytics, call monitoring)
  • “Global virtual call quality factory” (remote, utility-model)

Genpact’s deep, Six Sigma-based process expertise in running contact centers has made us real practitioners. Over 15million end customers are serviced through our 10,000+ agents and over 70,000 calls are evaluated by our 500+ quality coaches per month. Our expertise already improves call quality across multiple industries and regions.


We commit to improve call quality metrics (e.g. CSAT scores by 10-15%), which leads to increased customer retention; improved revenue conversion; reduction in delinquency.

We commit to results within 3 months.

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