As a result of over 14+ years of experience in Analytics and Research, Genpact’s Smart Decision Services team has developed applications that derive significant value from large data sets spanning internal data, customer contact details, internet contact information and external data.

Following are the key streams that focus on different areas of Contact Center Optimization:

  • Call Elimination Strategy - Analytics driven IVR optimization, First call resolution improvements, Web breakage elimination and Cross channel penetration strategy that focus on continuous call elimination.
  • Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) - Building integrated framework for Voice of Customer & Call Quality process to capture the true essence of customer feedback. Optimizing the CSAT Questionnaire to cover the overall performance of the Contact Center including but not limited to agent attributes, Problem resolution etc. is part of this stream.
  • Advanced MIS and Reporting Services - It includes readily deployable Custom pre-built reporting templates and Standardized best-in class reports that can be plugged into existing customer data source or completely host the Data marts with minimal IT cost. The service also comprises of building and managing Data marts to capture data from disparate contact center systems, generating on-demand adhoc / customized reports as per the business requirements and perform KPI Benchmarking of the Contact Center.
  • Contact Center Technology Assessment - Perform Independent 3rd party Assessment of the Contact Center Infrastructure, Applications, Reporting and Quality tools to provide insights for sustained optimization of the contact center performance through analytically driven Technology projects and initiatives.
  • The above said services are offered as point solutions focusing on the pain areas or as a Benchmarking & Consulting Services based on the customer need.

    We also offers a highly successful self-funding program "Contact Center Analytics Program" that business across verticals can run to experience quantum leap in performance and realize high cost saving. Through this unique program, partner with us to make your contact center best-in-class. This program offers a combination of consulting and implementation services which will focuses on continual optimization using advanced analytic techniques and improvements to achieve sustained results and benefits.


Contact center Analytics program "CCAP" uses Genpact’s proprietary algorithms and advanced analytics to Baseline, Design and Optimize overall Contact Center performance. At each stage business benefits are quantified and realized savings are invested back into better technology and further improvement initiatives. This cycle of sustained improvements results in Best in class performance for the contact center and huge cost savings to the business in long run.

This program typically spans over 12 - 18 months depending on the current state of performance and the desired end result.



Genpact Contact center optimization solutions have delivered real business benefits to the tune of:

  • An annual $3.4MM cost savings by improving the usage of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Utilization by 13% for a leading US retail lender by leveraging analytics to build Predictive IVR system and E-Channel registration service in the IVR.
  • A 20% reduction annually in Contact center operating cost by improving the First Call Resolution (FCR), Alternate channel penetration and Key Performance Measures for a leading global bank across 8 countries through defining and measuring KPI and Advanced CC Metric through data driven analytics and standardizing it across the sites.

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