Genpact’s team of business research analysts, with its many years of experience, work with clients to deliver a customized research solution. We do this by leveraging multiple secondary information sources, augmenting primary research, and applying forecasting, statistical modeling and financial analysis techniques. Our research services are provided across business functions to meet varied objectives, maximize returns and manage costs.

Specialty areas of our Business Research Consulting Services include:

  • Sales & Marketing: Industry, competitor, and customer analysis; go-to-market and new market entry analysis, macroeconomic analysis and country analysis.
  • Research & Development: New product introduction and feasibility analysis, new technology assessment, R&D spend benchmarking, IP research and patent tracking.
  • Manufacturing, Supply Chain and Sourcing: Site-identification studies, distribution-channel assessment, vendor/strategic-partner ID and assessment, commodity research.
  • Media / Public Relations: Global media monitoring of company mentions, and/or product reviews across social media, blogs and national/regional media sites.
  • Finance and Investor Relations: M&A analysis, pre-M&A feasibility studies, acquisition target evaluation and valuation, competitor financial analysis, modeling and benchmarking, shareholder pattern analysis, market multiples and insights, price/volume related research.


We follow a rigorous process from project initiation to completion. During critical stages of execution, the research team vigilantly attends to quality-checking procedures, including internal reviews by project managers as well as subject-matter and domain experts, and external cross checking against our multiple industry-specific and proprietary databases.


In the Oil & Gas and Energy domain: Identified potential regional strategic partnerships for a global Oil & Gas equipment company; assessed China’s Distributed Control Systems (DCS) market, leading to a key acquisition for a global energy company.

In the Manufacturing & Heavy Industries domain: Provided end-to-end research support that enabled a global automation major to introduce a new product; helped a Fortune 500 company formulate their long-term strategic plan by determining potential opportunities in various business segments of interest.

In the Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals domain: Identified an acquisition target in the Medical devices domain by short-listing potential targets based on target’s business performance, product mapping, and via multiple parameters in Quality Function Deployment (QFD) analysis. In the pharmaceuticals domain, bench marked account management performance metrics, sales force structure across geographies and industries to suggest best-in-class business practices.