Market Research equips businesses with discerning insights to analyze the need, size and competition of markets to gain advantage over competition. Genpact understands the significance of Market Research Services to client’s business. Genpact’s research services systematically gathers and interprets information using analytical and statistical methods to gather insights to aide decision making for your business. Genpact’s research analysts and subject-matter-experts have decades of hands-on, industry specific experience and a thorough understanding of trends and issues prevalent in the industry. Using this expertise, we develop tailored, intuitive and actionable research for clients.

Although every market research study is unique, the strength of Genpact Analytics lies in leveraging its experience and expertise to provide end-to-end market research solutions. Our primary research team has become a partner for leading companies worldwide and clients have come to value our global-delivery, mulch-lingual capabilities with rich B2B domain experience, as well as the Six Sigma rigor we apply to all quantitative and qualitative research effort.


Genpact provides holistic and integrated solutions to clients catering to various business sectors by marrying multiple capabilities. We use sophisticated analytical tools to provide actionable insights. From Research Blueprints and Data Collection and Management, to Analysis and Reporting, Implementation and Tracking, and Follow Up, our entire approach relies on a Six Sigma based quality standards.


We conduct a wide range of Market Research Studies for organizations in various industry verticals which includes:

  • Customer Experience Management
  • Usage & Attitude Studies
  • Conjoint Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction/loyalty
  • Customer segmentation and profiling
  • Brand Positioning & Tracking
  • Brand Health Monitoring
  • Product Purchase Intent Driver
  • Product-Value Perception Mapping
  • Market Assessment

Genpact Research team use single or multi-channel data collection methods (web-based, telephonic (CATI), personal interviews (CAPI), field interviews or focus groups) and is well supported by a global network of data collection partners (ESOMAR registered) and panel providers.

For large Market Research Agencies, our Market Research Outsourcing (MRO) solution provides survey programming, data entry/cleaning, data analysis (basic and advanced cross tabulation, advanced analytics on demand) and other high volume services.


Scale: Conducted Net Promoter Score (NPS*) surveys of a top consumer electronics company’s B2B customers in 22 countries spread across four continents. Surveys were conducted in more than 15 languages enabling the client to understand essential aspects of their business.

Scope: Assessed organization-wide perceptions about the quality of management and employee engagement for a global automaker. Trends were analyzed across periods to assess improvements and progress against action items identified and implemented in the past.