Genpact has strong expertise in Pricing Analytics across consumer and industrial businesses. The Pricing team consists of analysts with advanced degrees in Statistics, Operations Research, Business Management, and Economics. Our Pricing solutions include:

  • Guideline Price Setting: For product categories based on market conditions and target contribution margin
  • Price Elasticity / Sensitivity: To estimate impact of pricing on sales volumes
  • Cross-Elasticity: To understand impact of price differential on market share
  • Contract Pricing: To optimize long-term return on big-ticket contracts based on financing options and coverage of lifecycle risks and costs
  • Price Testing: To optimize pricing of products/services based on revenues or profitability
  • Dynamic Pricing: To estimate price-change triggers based on customer behavior to maximize revenue/profitability
  • Discount Pricing: To estimate retail promotion pricing needed to meet return on marketing investment
  • Bid Pricing: To predict bid price based on historical data
  • Price Value Mapping: To position products properly against competition
  • Lease Pricing: To analyze profitability of lease portfolio over time and geography



We use deep domain knowledge and process rigor in combination with research, statistical and financial-modeling expertise. Proprietary analytical tools and templates for activities such as bid pricing, lease profitability, discount modeling and revenue enhancement, further spur rapid implementation. The solutions are implemented through a Six Sigma based methodology, which starts off through diagnostics of the current business situation and benchmarking with the best-in-class.



For a leading $6 billion renewable energy equipment manufacturer: Helped improve prices by 15 percent year-to-year for four consecutive years by managing the entire pricing function through deal pricing support and pricing analysis of new products.

For a leading plastics resin manufacturer: Created a price-guideline framework for 5000-plus product grades to deliver incremental operating-margin up-side.

For a leading distribution and logistics services provider: Developed a dynamic fuel-benchmarking dashboard to generate additional revenue on fuel buy/sell transactions.

For a global aviation major: Designed a step-pricing calculator for long-term maintenance of contracts, pricing of customized deals (upwards of $200 million) incorporating hedging of risk.

For a financial services major: Identified and implemented revenue-enhancing pricing policy changes that improved yearly net income by $50 million.