Maximizing the profitability of B2B after sales service contract portfolio remains key challenge for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance service providers. Analysts estimate that ineffective control and management of supplier contracts costs businesses in the US $153B per year in missed savings opportunities. Inefficient process for sales opportunity identification leads to poor win rates while inaccurate forecasting of failures / maintenance events can result in sub optimal pricing. Billing leakage, non-compliance and inefficient processes often result in significant service revenue loss. In depth analytics can help optimize many of these operating metrics and improve service contract profitability.


Genpact’s Contract Analytics Service leverages more than 750 plus man-years of experience and cutting-edge tools like ‘Service Contract Optimizer’ to  help Head of Services, Finance and Risk organizations of  Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEMs) or Maintenance Service Providers achieve following:

  • Better pre-sales enablement using market analysis and installed base mining
  • Optimum pricing using reliability forecasting
  • Contract setup and execution without any leakages
  • Accurate forecasting of contract risks - technical, operational and financial
  • Sustain the profitability through continuous monitoring and identifying cost out opportunities

Additionally, we have cloud/mobile enabled Genpact proprietary tool called "Service Contract Optimizer" which provides timely and granular analysis/recommendations to stakeholders. Please click here for online demo

Service Contract Analytics can help achieve
10% - 15% improvement in Profitability by driving productivity ; identified through analyzing historical cost and failure data
08% - 10% increased Revenue through optimum pricing ; achieved by  accurately forecasting the risks - both technical, operational and financial; associated with the contract
05% - 07% increase in Conversion Rate through win loss analysis and feedback mechanism to deal pricing.


  • Synergy of complex business processes, industry knowledge, and technical expertise
    • Significant knowledge of contracts with various degrees of complexities and exposure to high value contracts ranging from $ 20MM to $1.5Bn
    • Experience with Energy, Aviation, Oil & Gas and Transportation clients
  • Powered by 250+ analysts with strong quantitative skills, 90% of them are statisticians, Economists, Engineers, MBAs having sophisticated technical & domain knowledge
  • Continuous process improvement rigor by applying Six Sigma methodologies which maximize RoI within a span of 12-18 months

Industries we serve:

  • Aviation
  • Transportation
  • Construction Equipment
  • Mining
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Healthcare


Reliability based Failure forecasting for Inverters - Reduced the overall part consumption by ~43% till the life of the contract

Contract Compliance: Ensuring Contract Compliance created incremental revenue of $42M over next 10 years of a contract

Offload Cost Analysis: $15 M of bottom Line Impact Delivered Improving Material & repair sourcing and financial account correction

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