The advent of social media not only pushed the traditional mediums of communication with your end- customer to the sidelines, it also opened a new channel of communication for consumer to consumer conversations. As the volume of the conversation grew, so did the influencing power on the decision making process. More and more customers are now turning to social media while making purchase decisions from food/ beverages to life insurance and healthcare. Social Media also serves as the key influence across multiple stages of purchase life cycle from awareness, information gathering to post-purchase evaluation.

It is thus crucial and highly beneficial for any business to tap into this rich repository of consumer feedback. Companies are now actively tracking unsolicited, spontaneous customer feedback through Social Media as this now provides a very fast and cost effective alternative to understand your consumer. This information can also be used in conjunction with traditional research data and transactional data to garner deeper insights.

Our acquisition of EmPower Research, an industry leader in this field, enables Genpact to provide social media research services to our clients.


Our social media research and insights are used by brand managers, CI professionals, advertising, PR and digital marketing agencies to implement learning from E-media. We can provide insights on the segment profile including behavior, interests and attitudes. We then analyze and understand brands online within a chosen consumer segment focusing on awareness, perception, and consideration against competition.

Based on these analyses, we develop a comprehensive understanding of avenues for marketing. Our insights cover the following, but are not limited to category landscapes, digital media strategy, influencers, and communities for marketing, consumer segment behavior and new concept R&D. As clients implement their social media strategies, we provide a continuous stream of insights on the discussions, concerns and expectations from their social media audience.

Our key differentiators are:

Pioneer in harnessing social media research for business insights

Recognized by Forrester Research as a Listening Services Partner

Unique combination of technology tools and human intelligence for insights generation

Proven methodologies for delivering actionable insights like source agnostic aggregation, access to closed communities, multilingual analysis and 100% accuracy for tone,content and context.

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