In such turbulent times, when world economies are crashing down, the growing financial concerns has strained the global enterprises to reduce cost and maximize profits, and has forced them to focus on the value of transparency and visibility in their Accounts Payable process.

In the midst of significant challenges occurring from lengthy payment cycles, backlogs created by outdated or manual systems, processing errors and vendor dissatisfaction, Accounts Payable Process is significantly growing in importance for any enterprise to generate superior business outcomes.
It also facilitate intelligent enterprises to reduce account concerns and losses from excess payments drive up costs, and show the way to long-term positive effects on business relationships.

At Genpact, our Accounts Payable solutions leverage our global delivery capability to help intelligent enterprises standardize and consolidate processes across geographies, driving significant cost reductions and increased revenue, while increasing vendor satisfaction and shortening payment cycles for improved cash flow.

Genpact AP services focus on reducing processing costs and payment delays through:

  • Consolidation and Standardization across geographies, enhancing efficiency and typically reducing costs by 5-10%
  • Invoice Automation to automate data capture, typically increasing productivity by 15-50%
  • Controllership to strengthen roles and provide enhanced oversight and audits
  • Discount Capture to improve cycle times and capture penetration while expediting and optimizing the capture
  • Working Capital Optimization to improve the client’s ability to pay on time, enabling better price negotiation and better cash flow

Genpact’s Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework evaluates clients’ performance against best-in-class performance and introduces our proprietary tools and proven industry best practices to drive end-to-end process improvements.

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Key Facts About Genpact AP

  • 60+ clients, 4000+ AP FTEs
  • 15 languages
  • 250+ FTEs support ~0.20MM users in Expense Reports
  • Process 37MM invoices worth $150B per annum
  • 10 years experience
  • Multiple ERPs (Oracle, SAP, JDE)
  • $440MM business impact delivered to clients in 2010


At Genpact, our Account Payable solutions consolidate and standardize AP process by employing smarter technology and re-engineering solutions combined with process rigor approach to enable intelligent enterprises to maximize profits and thrive in the rapidly changing economies.

  • Document Management
  • Scanning
  • Invoice Processing
  • Approval / Resolution Management
  • Help Desk
  • Disbursement
  • Month-End and Internal/External Reporting

Genpact AP Value Adds

  • Working Capital Optimization
  • Discount Capture
  • Invoice Automation
  • Consolidation & Standardization
  • Controller-ship


  • Better Paid On Time and Optimized Payment Process Result in $95MM Cash Flow Impact for Major Oil and Gas Company
  • Consolidating and Standardizing AP Processes Lead to 30% Productivity Gains for Major Home Building Products Company
  • Improving Paid on Time Produces $14MM Cash Flow Impact for Online Marketplace Company
  • Raising Discount Capture Yields $350K EBIT Impact for Leading Media Company
  • Process Improvement on Payment Scheduling Produces 85% Improvement in Cycle Time for Global Pharma Company