A key component of Genpact’s ability to lower cost and drive efficiency and effectiveness from end to end of the F&A process is our suite of proprietary technology tools. From workflow to data collection to invoicing to customer management, our tools enable consolidation, automation, and faster processing to eliminate bottlenecks, duplicated effort, and confusion over deadlines and responsibilities.


Accounts Payable Technology Tools

  • ProFlowSM AP workflow tool provides end-to-end processing and tracking of the AP process. Its efficient rule-based work distribution drives resource usage optimization and load balancing, improved performance and escalation management, error reduction, and fast exceptions resolution. Key features include:
  • GenProSM Invoice Automation automates data capture and transmission of invoice information from scanned images. It delivers 35-40% productivity benefits on the data entry resources in the first year of implementation through faster processing and turnaround time, reduced errors, simplified processes, and reduced costs in invoice processing. Key features include:
    • Extraction and validation of document content and auto-population of workflow and ERP systems
    • Increased productivity and gain share from eliminating or minimizing data entry work
    • Automated payables documents and information handling
    • No capital investment by customer
      • Invoice Exchange invoice automation tool comes with high visibility to suppliers and buyers alike, delivered on a variable cost, “pay as you use” model. It lowers costs by eliminating data entry, reducing rework and inquiries and improving cycle times, thereby improving discount capture and the percentage of payments on time. Key features include:
    • Hosted platform  with ready-made supplier network
    • Many-to-many format for high flexibility
    • Multiple modes of invoicing
    • Web-based portal to check real-time status of invoices, POs, and payments
      • Duplicate Payment Audit Tool identifies duplicate invoices frequently missed by the ERP, before the payment run. It reduces the effort of manually checking data in the file, avoids duplicate payments, and provides more timely audits. Key features include:
    • Daily audit before payment runs
    • Searches for duplicates by any combination of fields
    • Both Out/In Range audits (daily audit before payment runs rather than yearly recovery audits)
  • APTome Workflow Management is a one-stop solution for end-to-end tracking of invoices, resulting in higher cycle and performance visibility. It provides end-to-end SLA tracking, metric data for improvement, optimal skill utilization, and enforced quality checks per defined rules. Key features include:
    • Aggregated invoice processing, approvals, email resolutions, ERP reconciliation and quality audits
    • Automatic upload of invoices from email, fax and scanner as well as indexed document types
    • Central repository for processed and unprocessed documents

Order to Cash Technology Tools

  • Akritiv OTC Solutions are delivered either on-premise or via an SaaS model, and automate collections workflow, deliver built-in credit management, cash application and dispute collaboration processes, and enhance overall risk management and enterprise reporting. Key features include:
  • Less costly to implement
  • More scalable, secure, and reliable than enterprise or hosted applications
  • Automatic upgrades
  • Security, enhancements and new features are always current
  • 3 geographically dispersed, mirrored data centers with built-in replication
  • Redundant network backbone
  • Tested and reliable technologies scalable to and beyond 100 million API Calls/Day
    • Genpact eBilling (EIPP) provides end-to-end electronic invoicing and automation, reducing operational costs by 45% and improving cash flow 20-30%, returning ROI within 12-18 months. Key features include:
    • On-premise or SaaS delivery models, scalable to suit client needs
    • Online portals for transparency and easy access to invoice information and status
    • Self-service tools for easy resolution of questions or re-issues
    • Data capture from legacy systems and delivery of customized invoices in multiple data formats
    • “Pay as you go” pricing
  • Callisto productivity tool monitors work performed across various applications and platforms to track the actual work being done by associates. It provides visibility into areas for improvement, faster stabilization of processes, and helps predict if productivity targets can be met. Key features include:
    • Computing productive time on the system
    • Minimum footprint and latency in desktops during monitoring
    • Near real-time view of capacity and productivity through portal-based reports and dashboards

Record to Report (R2R) Tools

  • ProFlowSM General Accounting tool provides a web-based workflow solution for various General Accounting sub-processes such as Journal Entry, fixed assets, and Chart of Account maintenance requests.  It encompasses an online request capability, an inbuilt authority matrix for approvals, tracking and archival of the journals and backup documents.  It helps to minimize process inconsistencies and improves controllership through robust approval processes and real time visibility of open requests.  Key features include:
    • Digitized, robust approval process for approval and escalation
    • Reduced risk of missing or duplicate processing of Journal Entries documents
    • Work distribution capability based on business parameters
    • Integrates with digital archival application for long-term archival of journals and related backup documentation
    • Customized reporting capability
  • Close Tracker is a web-based application used for tracking critical period closing activities / milestones. It provides in-time business insight into the current state of month-end close activities. Key features include:
    • Complete visibility to customer and Genpact operations teams regarding the  status of critical close activities / milestones  with an option to track details  of problem
    • Auto trigger of escalation mails as per the business rules
    • Ability to generate customized reports to drive process improvements
  • Questor  is a one-stop bolt-on tool for all types of account reconciliations, providing a complete audit trail that cuts reconciliation efforts significantly by automating the template creation process.  It provides transparency and ownership of reconciliations and variance items. Key features include:
    • Ready-to-deploy with automated workflow, matching engine, in-built email follow-up capability and standard reports
    • Easily customizable, real-time reports
    • Option for multiple reconciliation templates
    • Ability to track open items and clearances
  • Intercompany tool provides insight into intercompany transactions and balances. It helps to reduce intercompany imbalances and aging through faster resolution of mismatches, aging analysis, entity-level reporting of open items and online status tracking of open items. Key features include:
    • Ability to upload intercompany transactions for each intercompany entity
    • Field Formatting option for consistency across systems/ERPs
    • Entity-level Aging Analysis of intercompany imbalance
    • Easy identification of imbalance through:
      • Proactive and regular tracking
      • Matching option among entities
  • Genpact’s Customer Portal provides easier access to critical information and business updates, secure access to information regarding key initiatives, and up-to-date process metrics to ensure SLAs are being met and appropriate steps are taken in a timely fashion. Key contents include:
    • Transparent metric information provided to customers through Process  Metrics Dashboards
    • Critical information and business updates published to the Customer Portal for easier communication
    • Key documents and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)
  • Report Management Workflow tool provides web-based solution for end-to-end tracking of recurring and ad hoc requests for reports.   Key features include:
    • Digitized, robust end–to-end tracking for requests
    • Tracking of multiple iterations and comments provided by the client/ reviewer
    • Automated work distribution based on business parameters
    • Customized reporting and tracking mechanism to drive process efficiencies

Genpact also partners with businesses for implementing Record to Report tools offered by third party technology partners.

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