In the rapidly changing world, where the economies are sporadic and the returns are plummeting severely, it’s critical for an intelligent enterprise to infuse smarter analytics and processes to thrive in the uncertain future.

Financial Planning & Analysis is a cornerstone on which intelligent enterprises carve their passageway to future dominance. It plays a pivotal role in managing current challenges and planning future strategies. The agility of an enterprise in responding to ever-changing economy landscape is predominantly dependent on the efficiency and the effectiveness of its FP&A function.

This growing emphasis on the FP&A organization comes on the heels of cost pressures within the Finance organization. Managing these challenges with limited resources and finding innovative ways to deliver on objectives have become top priorities of decision makers.

FP&A Value Proposition

At Genpact, FP&A services support and empower decision makers in addressing challenges rising from the gamut of planning, forecasting, and management reporting processes across revenue, expenses and balance sheet line items/ categories. Our smarter analytics focuses on superior business outcomes, producing maximum business impact for the client through:

  • Enhanced accuracy via streamlining master data, automation and standardization, reducing rework
  • Reduced turnaround times, enabling management teams to make timely and effective decisions and implement corrective actions
  • Driving efficiencies through reducing ad hoc reports, improving penetration of standard reports, and centralized data warehouses
  • Automation, using customized tools such as our reporting workflow and leveraging capabilities within existing tools and the client’s ERP

An organization’s ability to predict changes in the market environment and its ability to adapt swiftly are increasingly critical in order for the organization to survive and maintain growth. Our team of over 800 FP&A specialists leverages our signature combination of Six Sigma, process controls, discipline and rigor to drive improvements in both performance and cost throughout the FP&A process.

Genpact’s FP&A services leverage our deep domain expertise and industry experience and our proprietary Smart Enterprise Processes (SEPSM) framework to deliver deep business impact and FP&A process excellence.

We provide end-to-end FP&A services across multiple industries, including BFSI, Pharma, CPG, manufacturing, services and media. Our services include:

  • Income Statement Analysis of different cost and revenue components on multiple dimensions for identifying right business insights and understanding of variances
  • Balance Sheet / Cash Flow Analysis for providing explanation of changes in the financial position of the company
  • Group Consolidation activities that help clients attain process standardization and automation
  • Planning and Budgeting activities that support clients in accurate forecasting of operational outcome in financial terms

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Key Facts About Genpact FP&A Services

  • Serving clients with multiple ERPs and Business Intelligence tools

    (Hyperion, BI, BW, Cognos, Oracle-OFA, ADI, Discoverer)

  • End-to-end FP&A services:
    • Planning and budgeting
    • Group consolidation
    • Income statement analysis
    • Balance sheet/cash flow statement analysis
  • Complete planning and analysis support:
    • Periodic book closure (accruals, related reconciliations)
    • Preparation of short range, medium, and long- term plans
    • Budget versus actual analysis
    • Operations support (reports, packages, review calls)
    • Support in driving initiatives
    • Specialized analysis



A global healthcare equipment manufacturer had multiple input templates for budgeting data, leading to multiple iterations while consolidating the data. Also, the company lacked synthesis capabilities to generate a client level P&L forecast. Genpact’s team infused intelligence in the enterprise, and standardized and improved the input templates, helping to eliminate any rework on consolidation. Genpact devised an innovative coding mechanism for swift transactions and leveraged existing data warehouse capabilities to generate activity-based costing, enabling P&L generation at client level. These initiatives helped the customer realize productivity gains of 18% and enhanced the client’s analytical capabilities.


Genpact put in order the financial review pack for top managers of one of our clients, who wanted accelerated delivery of the report as well as changes that would make it suitable for a wider audience. Genpact partnered with the controller’s office to understand end user requirements and added content to existing reports to enhance penetration. The Genpact team leveraged the client’s existing ERP capabilities to automate sub-processes and generate customized input data alongside standard input templates for data collation. Automating the reports enhanced controllership by lowering the chance of errors, reduced the time required to generate reports, and boosted productivity by 20%.