Genpact has 3000 record-to-report personnel and offers a full suite of General Accounting solutions to GE businesses and Fortune 500 clients. Our Accounting to Reporting team has handled 150,000 balance-sheet accounts with an aggregate balance of $250 billion in reconciliation every year.

For 10-plus years we have provided useful, real-time GA information to businesses in industries such as Auto, Media, Banking /Finance, Insurance and Hospitality businesses, providing them with services ranging from Revenue, Expense Accruals and Fixed Assets Accounting, to Inventory and Supply Chain Accounting, and Account Reconciliations (Bank, Cash, Sub-ledger), as well as Inter-Company Accounting and Reconciliations, Accruals and Reserves, and Journal Entries.

Our experience working in a multicurrency environment benefits some 60 GA clients spread across Asia, Australia, Europe, and America, allowing foreign-exchange implications to be accurately reflected. The GA team is also able to leverage broad statutory expertise (US, UK GAAP, IFRS, etc) to handle multiple books. We also boast experience deploying customized-tax and currency-translation-adjustment programs, and formula-based automated-journal entries that reduce long closing cycle times. A host of tools and technologies further drives GA efficiency and improvement, and ensure appropriate controls and checks. We can even support acquisitions through integration of financial systems and data migration while offering access to dedicated subject matter experts and case study forums to facilitate best-practice sharing.



At Genpact we combine a deep understanding of financial accounting and reporting with a broad knowledge of business processes, technologies, and best practices. In addition, our highly evolved Learning Path enables us to offer clients the right mix of well-tested theoretical expertise and hands-on operational experience. Citrix based applications are used to access remote databases, while customized web-based applications are used to support various diversified businesses.



We enabled a top global pharmaceuticals company to reduce its number of open items by 70 percent and its 90-days-plus open items by 40 percent. These results were the product of a series of process changes made by Genpact, including creation of a standardized checklist for booking of invoices and improvement in system interface, escalation procedure to improve reconciliation efficacy.