GenPower is a suite of Genpact’s proprietary OTC platforms with best of breed applications that sit outside of our customer’s ERP and drive both efficiency and effectiveness across all eight of the OTC sub-processes. Genpact hosts the proprietary applications so there is no hardware to buy or software to install. Implementation requires a regular feed of data from our customer’s systems that is loaded at a customized frequency with typical timelines ranging from 60 to 120 days.

GenPower Receivables Management

A proprietary platform that allows our customers to manage, credit, collections, disputes, deductions and cash applications. Designed and developed by functional experts with over 25 years of OTC experience, Receivables Management allows analysts to perform their tasks efficiently in one system and capture exception inputs that allow for cash forecasting, dispute and exception root cause analysis and payment behavior collection strategies. Typical productivity ranges from 20 to 30 percent but more importantly, DSO and Past Dues can be improved by 20 to 40 percent depending on current performance.

Genpact's eBilling Solution

Genpact’s eBilling solution is a cornerstone of our OTC portfolio, providing enhanced efficiency and effectiveness and reducing the cost of operations throughout the billing, collections, and cash applications management processes. Delivered either on-premise or via cloud-based SaaS models as the client requires, Genpact eBilling is scalable to suit the needs of all business types over time and can be deployed globally to standardize operations across the company’s entire footprint. Capable of receiving and standardizing input in a variety of formats, it solves the problem of multiple legacy systems while providing automated billing to reduce costs, speed payments, and standardizing processes. Customized invoices meet enterprise- or industry-specific requirements, while its web-based self-service tools speed resolution of disputes and greatly enhance customer satisfaction.

Genpact clients who have implemented eBilling experience 25-45% reduction of operations costs through automation, self-service, and streamlining of processes, 20-30% improved cash flow through faster payments, and enhanced customer satisfaction due to improved customer service. The system returns positive ROI in 18 months or less, with significant improvement to billing, collections, and cash applications management transparency and effectiveness.

GenPower ProFlow

Proflow is a customized comprehensive Workflow Tool with an underlying BPMS to track, record and report on root causes of exceptions in an OTC process. It delivers a complete set of functionality and tools to drive case management in Master Data Management, Contract Administration, Order Management, Credit Administration & Cash Application, where data accuracy and turnaround time are the key measures of success. It also allows for document attachment and routing for approval to ensure an exception can be tracked and measured from time of creation to closure.