Since 2007, extreme volatility in commodities has put product prices under more pressure than ever before, presenting huge challenges to companies using forecasting and planning processes devised in more stable times. Genpact cost accounting product protects our clients against costly market shifts with more accurate, more frequent, and more granular product costing. Our Profit Volatility Protector (PVP) solution extends this ability with a dynamic product for cost forecasting and marketing spend simulations that identify threats to future profits and helps our clients optimize mitigation actions.

Genpact Volatility Management Solutions


Genpact's Profit Volatility Protector uses profit forecasting and marketing spend allocation simulations to help our clients:

  • Maximize profitability by defending product profits
  • Achieve a better product sales mix
  • Make better informed financial and physical hedging decisions
  • Optimize Sales and Operations Planning


The Profit Volatility Protector looks across the supply chain, finance, and sales and marketing organization to provide:

  • Dynamic simulation of the near term impact of inputs costs across the supply chain. The solution uses targeted, dynamic mid-range (3-24 months) forecasting to identify cost inputs and impacts, using future price forecast scenarios for key input resources (high-value, volatile-cost materials and services).
  • Accurate, timely, granular product standard costs. The Product cost accounting solution maps detailed bills of material and identifies projected variations in cost structure throughout the supply chain.
  • Understanding of financial impact by examining the impact on profits at category, product and SKU-levels using rolling cost forecasts for up to an year, at different volume levels.
  • Better planning for mid-term marketing spend to maximize profits by either regaining margin or shifting the volume mix. The Profit Volatility Protector simulates the effect of margin regain and volume mix changes using combinations of marketing levers (price, trade promotions etc.). Using the data obtained, it provides dynamic feedback to the upstream supply chain, ensuring validation of decisions and input to sourcing and production decisions.

Genpact's deep, Six Sigma-based process expertise and focused IT have made us an industry leader in analytics, with over 3,600 analytics professionals, 90% of whom have advanced degrees in statistics, operations research, business management, and economics. Our Management Accounting and Analytics connect Finance to Supply Chain (upstream) and Marketing (downstream) for a truly holistic view of decision making and business impact.