In the age of new age technologies, ever changing business regulations, and compliance and transparency in the operations across all business domains, treasury is increasingly becoming a strategic partner of global enterprises to effectively minimize the financial risk, manage their payments, resources and operations smartly and efficiently.

Efficient Treasury operation is a cornerstone for intelligent enterprise to thrive seamlessly in the volatile markets. Which is why, Genpact‘s Treasury Services, with smarter processes and reengineering solutions, enable enterprises enhance regulatory compliance and minimize risk. We support clients in multiple industries in processes ranging from transaction services such as accounting for funds movement to high end services, such as liquidity and risk management support.

Genpact’s Treasury solution generates maximum benefit to clients through enhanced controllership and compliance, improved quality of operations, faster processing and access to information, and better cash flow management. Our services encompass:

  • Cash Pooling to help clients save on spread and reduce exposure with individual banks
  • Match Funding to help businesses minimize their interest rate risk
  • Cash Transactions Accounting to coordinate cash management and ensure proper accounting and clearing of open items
  • Intercompany Current Account Reconciliation and Monitoring to ensure proper accounting of intercompany cash movements and timely resolution of open items
  • Monitoring of Equity, Investment, and Income Accounts for Funding Entities to ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations
  • Treasury Reporting to ensure proper statutory reporting and preparation of financial statements and that mandated disclosure requirements are met
  • Transfer Pricing Reports prepared for multiple jurisdictions for internal and external reporting compliance
  • Restructuring Funding Structures to obtain tax benefits
  • Advisory Services for Currency Exposures Accounting, including functional support during financial systems implementation
  • Documentation for Hedge Effectiveness testing


Genpact’s Treasury services, spearheaded by a team of over 200 domain specialists, is focused on streamlining processes, cutting costs, and ensuring clients derive maximum business outcomes. Our country-specific knowledge and broad expertise, combined with process rigour approach and smarter analytics, enable clients to manage their financial environment holistically.

We at Genpact manage all reporting requirements for a client’s international product or capital flows, and our domain expertise is instrumental in managing country-specific guidelines regarding transfer pricing. Our Treasury Center of Excellence (COE) serves as a focus group that partner with treasury teams across the company, enhancing technical skills and powering them with smarter processes, technology, and best practices periodically.

Our varied range of tools and technologies for Treasury processes help drive efficiencies:

  • Report (Case) Management workflow tool tracks completeness and turnaround time for reporting requests and offers inbuilt audit trails and electronic archival
  • Close Management Tool tracks scheduled close activities, support generation of structured reports and include an escalation mechanism
  • Web Forms are used to collect information from requestors that can be used to draft parameters for reports

In addition, we have expertise in delivering Treasury services to our clients who use treasury workstation or proprietary and top of the market tools such as WSS, Sungard, Calypso, etc.

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Key facts about Genpact Treasury Services

  • Serving customers across spectrum of services including:
    • Funding Services
    • Finance Services
    • Risk management support
    • Treasury Analytics
    • End-to-end reporting coverage for treasury operations:
    • Accounting & Disclosure requirements as per:
      • FAS 52 : Foreign Exchange Translations
      • FAS 133 / 161 : Derivatives
      • FAS 115 : Accounting for certain investments for debt & equity securities
      • FAS 157 : Fair value measurement



A major US based insurance company discovered that in a 6-month period, the difference between actual cash and forecasted cash was more than $200MM. The client and Genpact partnered in a 4-month root cause analysis that revealed 100+ bank accounts containing some principal and interest transactions that were not included in the forecasting model. Genpact modified the model through reengineering solutions, increased controllership, and improved communications among stakeholders to ensure optimal cash optimization, bringing under-utilized cash down to the allowable limits of <$2MM within 6 months.


A US based conglomerate’s treasury department executed ~25K fund movements through 500+ bank accounts.  Unreconciled fund movements could pose controllership and financial risk for the company.  Reconciliation of such fund movement was being done on a post facto basis with an average Time to Reconcile (TTR) of 12 days, while the maximum age of unreconciled items was ~30 days.  The Genpact team partnered with the Genpact Analytics team to analyze data for the last two years and designed a predictive risk model that highlighted those fund movements that were “risky” and potentially unreconciled.  This helped the team to investigate these “risky” fund movements on a proactive rather than reactive basis and led to a reduction of the average TTR to 8 days, at the same time.